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In 2006, LingLong company became Chinese screen printing industry association member unit.In 2008, the company was awarded the title of " Chinese screen printing & Graphic Imaging Association Award ".

In 2009, the company becameChinascreen printing & Graphic Imaging Association member unit.

In 2010, LingLong printing Ltd was awarded the honorary title of"harmonious labor relations in enterprises and employee satisfactionEnterprise".

In 2010, "Linglong brand" won the " Industry of 2009 year printing brands  of  ten  famous". "Linglong brand" won the " Silk screen printing industry's ten most influential brands ".

 In 2011, the CEO of Linglong printing Ltd  Mr. Deng Delin won the “Special Achievement Medal of Shenzhen printing industry“issued by the Shenzhen Printing Industry Association,at the same year,  the CEO of Linglong printing Ltd  Mr. Deng Deli was elected as " the fifth council vice director of Shenzhen screen printing & Graphic Imaging Association”.

In 2012, the chemical testing center of Linglong Ltd acquired Chinese National Accreditation Authority (CNAS) Certificate, the CEO of Linglong printing Ltd  Mr. Deng Deli was named"hundreds of outstanding contribution printing entrepreneurs".