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Shenzhen Linglong Color Printing Packing Ltd., the main production:the elegant box of gift, color box, brochures, stickers, labels. In addition to providing high salaries, our company also to provide some continuous learning opportunities for employees. In order to meet the needs of business development, we are recruiting for the following positions:

Production supervisor


1. understand the dynamic production, formulate and implement production plan.

2.Make a good job at guidance and management for production staff

3.Make a good management and maintenance for the production site

4.Execute the approved work plan from superior,make regular production reports.


1.College degree or above, have the related knowledge of printing industry and  at least 3 years of experience in this industry, willing to learn, stability and willing to grow in this industry

2.Have strong ability to carve out the market, strong negotiation skills.

3.Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility,  good learning ability and team spirit of cooperation.

4.Have a certain management skill and leadership skill. Our company can provide a good platform,priority in related work experience.

Treatment: 2600+ commission + bonus + insurance (After get confirmation)


Marketing Specialist


1. According to the overall marketing strategy  of the Department  to draw up sales plan and targets.

2.Fully responsible for the company's product sales and the completion of the indicators.

 3.Manage and develop your new customers,and  expand the business with old customers.

4.Maintain good communication with clients, grasp the needs of the clients all the time, improve customer satisfaction.


1.Be keen on the work of sales, have the spirit of Market Exploitation, be good at analyzing and problem solving in independent way

2.Work earnestly, initiative, strong sense of responsibility, with sharp market perceptions and good professional ethics.,  individual career planning  is clear

3. With mature communication skills and good team work spirit


Treatment: 1800+ commission + bonus + insurance (After getting confirmation)


 Promotion Supervisor


1. Use a variety of effective promotion plan, improve the visibility of the product;

2.Have a certain ability to plot copywriters to ,guide for customers to understand the company's products.

3.Assist the team to  plan the promotion strategy of the product, make the promotion plan and push the implementation.

4. Analyze and summarize the data of products, estimate  the effects of promotion and put forward more effective scheme.


1.Have three years practical work experience as a promoters, have experience on various types of promotion.

2.Familiar with the product promotion, proficient in low cost marketing methods and have some successful  experiences, have  certain customer resources.

3.Familiar with various marketing channels, stay up-to-date with the latest  issues and trends.

4.Be good at communication, have a strong power on implement.

5.  With  good team spirit, highly responsibility.

6.Good learning ability and presentation skills are required.

Treatment: 3000+ bonus + insurance (After getting confirmation)


Promotion commissioner


1.Fully responsible to implement,execute and track  the work of marketing promotion in responsible region, and analysis and reporting for the period of the later job;

2. Complete the product promotion plan of responsible ,improve and expand marketing network;

3. Keep good contact with channels, maintain the relationship with partners.


1 College degree or above, one year related working experience or above is preferred;

2 Excellent communication and negotiation skills,strong organization, planning and coordination ability,have a remarkably keen insight into market, excellent   predictive ability and decision-making  capacity.

3 Good professional ethics, positive  working attitude and can work under pressure, ability to analyze and solve problems independently, have bear hardships spirit, strong sense of responsibility;

4 Strong market executive power, can help managers  to design, organize and implement  market popularizing project

Treatment: 2000+ bonus + insurance (After getting confirmation)

If you are interested in above positions please send your CV in Chinese/English with a recent photo to HR Department, we sincerely welcome elites of all sorts to join us

Working time:  6:00a.m—— 9:00 p.m.

Contact:  0755-29188863 Manager Deng

Address: Shenzhen City, Republic of Baoan District Xixiang IndustrialRoad No. 46

E-mail: szdengdi@163.com